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The only monitoring and analytics platform built for communities to improve the reliability and performance of blockchain networks

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“Metrika has been an invaluable partner providing deep network and operational intelligence since the launch of our MainNet in 2019. As Algorand continues to grow and decentralize, Metrika’s role will be key in ensuring visibility into the reliability and resilience of our network.”

Paul Riegle, Chief Product Officer, Algorand


Purpose-Built for Web3

The Metrika platform improves performance and reliability of decentralized networks

End-to-end Visibility – Gain a holistic view of a blockchain’s operational health.

Built-in Collaboration – Reduce outages and resolve issues faster with tools that enable collaboration across the blockchain ecosystem.

Community Tools

Manage operations more effectively with an easy to use toolset designed for blockchain communities

Community Alerting System – Receive real-time alerts on degradations in network performance.

Community Network Dashboards – Access dashboards providing real-time visibility into the health of the blockchain network.

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Actionable Blockchain Insights

Isolate problems, take action, and resolve issues faster with actionable network insights

Consensus Participation – Identify trends and anomalies in voting, blocks proposals, and attestations.

Node Health Scores – Calculate, benchmark, and rank node performance across KPIs.

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