With Metrika, access real-time metrics on Ethereum consensus and validator performance to help improve overall resiliency of the network and maximize rewards for stakers.

Ethereum / The Merge

Top Metrics to Monitor

Block Production

Ensure blocks are being produced when they need to be with:

  • Epoch: View current, latest justified and latest finalized epoch to track consensus.  If the distance between epochs (current-justified and justified-finalized) is bigger than 1, there is a risk of the network stalling
  • Missed Proposals: View the amount of missed blocks.  If this is a large number, the network won’t process new transactions and might stall
  • Forks: View the amount of forks created.  A high number of forks (>3) could mean the network is having an issue
  • Block Interval Time: If we are seeing more missed blocks than ideal ie. far from 12, this can lead to network stalls



Track attestations to ensuring you are reaching consensus:

  • Network Wide Attestations: Ensure voting is taking place with metrics like total votes in the last hour, attesting validators in the last hour and votes over time
  • Network Attestation Success Rate Over Time: View the ability of the network to reach consensus.  If validators stop voting (attestation success rate goes down), it will become more difficult for the network to progress

Validator Information​

Benchmark validators based on rewards earned and attestation rates with:

  • Validator Leaderboard
  • Validator Drill Down: Stake, staking over time, APR, Network Avg APR, APR over time, attestation success rate, attestation success rate last hour, network avg attestation success rate- last hour, attestation success rate over time.


Real-Time Alerting

Metrika will be offering real-time alerting in October providing early detection of degradations in validator performance and notifications to node runners if they miss a proposal or two consecutive attestations.

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