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Isolate problems, take action and resolve issues faster with the industry’s only monitoring and analytics platform built for decentralized networks

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“Metrika brings a vital operational layer to Web3 that is an important part of the Dapper architecture. With the Metrika platform, Flow node operators and community members can better understand the operational health of the entire Flow network which is critical to maintaining high levels of performance.”

Layne Lafrance, Flow Product Manager, Dapper Labs


Community Alerting Systems

Receive real-time alerting on key network and node metrics enabling early detection of anomalies and performance degradation.

  • Consensus Protocol – Receive alerts on voting anomalies, missed blocks, and more.
  • Network Activity and Health – Receive alerts on network or node outages, block creation anomalies, and more.

Community Operational Dashboards

Access community network dashboards to monitor network health and triage issues with deep-dive analyses.

metrika operational dashboard
metrika nodes monitoring dashboard

Node-based Network Monitoring

Data from Metrika's nodes and community-run nodes globally provide deep visibility across the network.

  • Consensus Participation – Receive information on voting behavior, signing participation, uptime, and more.
  • Node Health – Get visibility into system usage and warnings, network connections, logs and errors, and more.

The Metrika Solution



Metrika Founder and CEO, Nikos Andrikogiannopoulos, went live with Bloomberg LP’s Emily Chang about cryptocurrency market trends and how Metrika’s platform improves the reliability of decentralized networks.

Metrika Founder and CEO, Nikos Andrikogiannopoulos, joined Jill Malandrino on Nasdaq TradeTalks at Consensus 2022 by CoinDesk to discuss how we are improving the reliability…

Metrika is building tools to fill this niche in the blockchain network space. The company provides tools to analyze blockchain health and provide consistent performance metrics for nodes. 

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